Installations, Sculptures, Paintings, Drawings

position/momentum – acrylic, rubber stamping, pigment, plastic on canvas; 56″ x 56″; 1994


position momentum painting, for website

position/momentum – detail-


position momentum dtail 4   for website position momentum dtail 3


Safety Measures – wood, metal, paint, velvet, cast polyester resin; 48″ x 48″ x 6″; 1993

USE 35 Safety Measures box

Tree Drawing – wood veneers, metal, liquid light, polyurethane; 24″ x 24″ x 96″; 1993

USE tree drawing cabinet

Tree Drawing – details

schrank inside


Tree drawing 2

Tree Drawing detail

USE baum schrank tuer



All My Friend’s Shirts (Clothes Horse) – metal, silk, liquid light, polyurethane; approx 48″ x 72″ x 30″ (Unfolded); 1993

clothes horse  all my friends shirts


Detailwaeschestaender detail




Cube (Futura) – metal, pigment, fluorescent light; 32″ x 32″ x 16″; 1993USE Futura kasten


One Step At A Time – metal, cast polyester, plastic, tile; 48″ x 18″ x 190″; 1992

one step at a time




Painting of a Cube I (Futura) – photo canvas, ink, pigment; 25″ x 28″; 1993cube painting, for website

Painting of a Cube II (Futura) – canvas, ink, pencil; 15″ x 12″ x 1″; 1995

abc kasten bild

Painting (For Dan Flavin) – canvas, pigment, acrylic; 92″ x 60″ x 1″; 1990

flavin painting



Brick – pencil on paper, 8.5 x 11; 2013USE brick drawing

Bread – pencil, crayon on paper, 8.5 x 11; 2013USE brot





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