Other Projects

Here I may occasionally put up photographs I take of my commute. (Those are for sale.) And I’ll use this space for in-process projects. Contact me with inquiries, comments and suggestions.

Here are two links, one to a website mock-up, one to an iPad mock-up for a multi-modal work I can’t seem to finish. I envision it as a print publication, as an interactive website built in Drupal (this mock-up was designed by Lindsey French), and as an iPad app. Feedback and questions are welcome!

hanging cables

dress folds

boat 3

USE film noir alley

USE lamp post and crane fog NU

alley building reflection august 4

USE THIS ONE planter

Chicago River w ice

del monico

evanston lamp repair 4

5light poles

alley side w sneakers small111

evening alley w chair 2

USE path to citizenship

for your pleasure 3

USE caution wet floor alley

2 coils snow

chairs millenium park111

USE side alley Carsons


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