essays related to artists’ publications

A Book Is A Book Is A Book. Betty Rymer Gallery, SAIC; Chicago, IL,1999

‘Virtual’ Artists’ Books. In: Art Documentation, Volume 19, Number 2 (2000).

On How To Shelve Web Art. In: Artists Book Yearbook, 2001-2002, Impact Press,UWE, Bristol, UK (2002)

JFABC. In: Forum Book Art, Hamburg Germany;21. Edition (2003/2004)

The Consistency of Shadows – Exhibition Catalogues as Autonomous Works of Art. Betty Rymer Gallery, SAIC; Chicago, IL, 2003

What A Concept! (interview). In: Chicago Tribune, Sunday Magazine (July 18, 2004)

Archeonet. Rossi, Elena Giulia, ed. Lalli Editore, (2003)

Art on Paper. (March/April issue 2004)

Catalogue of the 7th International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair. Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax, UK (2004)

Catalogue of the 5th Artists’ Book International. Paris, France (2005)

Pass It On: Connecting Contemporary DIY Culture. Columbia College Chicago, ,A + D Gallery, 2005

From Fair To Fine. Stephen Daiter Gallery, Chicago, Illinois (November 2006)

Art Libraries Journal. UK & Ireland (March 2007)

Bookarts Newletter. Bristol, UK

Central Booking Magazine (September 2013)

Journal Of Artists’ Books (Spring 2014)


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